3D Petri Dish Visualizer


Explore the fascinating world of microbiology with this interactive 3D Petri Dish demo. This immersive simulation showcases various samples collected from the throat, ear, wound, mouth, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). It provides an engaging and informative visual representation of microorganisms and their growth patterns.

One of the key features of this demo is the ability to observe the incubation periods of different samples in a timelapse mode. This enables users to gain valuable insights into the growth and development of microorganisms over time. Furthermore, the demo allows users to switch between various media surfaces, including Blood Agar (BA), Columbia Nalidixic Acid Agar (CNA), MacConkey Agar (MAC), and Chocolate Agar (CHOC), to better understand how different growth mediums impact the samples.

This project is in collaboration with Professor Gareth Denyer.

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 petri dish _ Rohann

Stage 1

Rohann Dorabjee - Wireframe Website

Stage 2

Rohann Dorabjee - Petri Dish Demo - Website


Rohann Dorabjee - Mock up